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Ah! It feels so good to be back blogging. Had so much technical difficulties recently and I was about to burst with ideas for new blog posts for this place. But finally, I'm going to get this post up!

Ever herd of the saying, "you like what you cant get" ? Well that's definitely me. Well only when it comes to makeup. Having a strong influence over by all these beauty gurus in the Youtube beauty community does have it's perks ^^ Thanks to the constant rave about BH Cosmetics on the countless of videos I've watched over the years, I've finally got my hands on one of their palettes. 

You might be thinking how on earth did I get BH cosmetics here in singapore.... 
I must say SINGSALE was the best thing that i ever found. If you don't know what SINGSALE is, it's a website where they have sales everyday day and they even sell brands that we cant find locally, like Australis and Almay. I use the iphone app version so i'm constantly checking what are the new sales that are going on. The only down side is that they charge $8 for shipping regardless of how heavy / how many items you buy. To me is usually a bad thing because when i want to buy an item for maybe less than $10 i have to pay $8 for shipping which is kinda defeats the whole purpose of me getting something cheap (budget mode here) :/ But nonetheless, SINGSALE really is an amazing place to shop at! They also provide tracking for your items which I find pretty useful because I'm always so excited for my item to arrive that I feel like i have to know it's status.

I got this palette at $15 + $8 for shipping and it came pretty fast. Around 3 weeks i would say. The items are shipped from the US so 3 weeks was pretty good for me
This pallet does list mineral oil as one of it's ingredients and I herd that mineral oil do break some people out, so if you are one of those, you might wanna reconsider! But so far I have tried the pallet for a good 2 weeks now and it's safe to say it hasn't broken my skin out :D

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this pallet!
It's everything I want in my eye make up. Warm colors with rich pigment that blends!
They are so pretty! I'm definitely hands down a brown smokey eye lover than a black smokey eye. I love how browny-warm tones look on me skin and how they always make my eyes pop and look more sultry. This pallet has everything from warm golds to warm bronze and different shades of matte browns to compliment the shimmers. I have no words to describe how awesome I think this pallet is. It's my perfect pallet and also my favorite. Also, I think it's better than the Urban Decay Naked pallet!

Just a mere touch and a slight very slight swirl in the eye shadows and you already get such rich pigments.

Here's a little swatch:

As you can see how smooth it looks! I don't see myself having to apply loads of it when doing my eye make up because it's pigmented enough for the colours to show. 

Here's a few looks i did with the pallet:

I used some of the colours that i swatched for this look and you can see how smokey and sultry it makes my eyes look  :) And i think it really makes blue eyes pop. I definitely don't have naturally blue eyes but they make my blue contact lenses look more bright and

Here's another look: 
I used some of the colours from the previous look and the cranberry like colour in the pallet. I wasn't wearing any contact lenses and the colours also made my eyes look really nice!
I loveeeeeeee this pallet :')

I'm still uncertain about the longevity of the shadows though, I prime my eyes all the time with an eye shadow primer because i was unfortunately blessed with oily lids *SIGH* and they actually stay on the whole day. Around 6 hours or so with a primer. The rest of my makeup would have melted from the sweat and heat Singapore has to offer but the eye makeup managed to stay quite well together with my eyeliner and mascara.

As for the blush, I think they are okay, but I find them a bit light. I'm no blush expert and maybe it's because I have the constant fear of looking like an ang ku kueh ( a red colored Singaporean delight) that's why I don't think my opinion on the blushes are useful :( But I must say, the colours are reallyu pretty! Perfect for a vampy fall look. I feel that the colour intensity is about 5/10 a pretty MEH blush i would say. But because they are pretty and I don'y mind layering slightly more for a more pigmented blush look, I would still give the blushes a thumbs up!

All in all, this pallet is perfect for those that love their warm neutrals. Good job BH Cosmetics!
I linked all mentioned sites to their names and also there is a BH Cosmetics sale starting very soon!! So hurry sign up from the link above! And also they sell the famous day to night pallet, brushes and so many more! Stay tuned for my next haul, it's gonna be a pretty big one with swatches! 

 hope you enjoyed this post & let me know what products have you recently bought?
PS. I f you like these kind of posts, do let me know by commenting :D
It would mean so much if you continue to stay tune for my next post! 
Lots of love,

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  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know that BH cosmetics are available in John Little in Plaza Singapura, it's right by the Revlon display.