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Hi there! This is the first time i'm posting on sexyonlips! I'm gonna start off the blog with a review of the WET AND WILD MATTE LIPSTICKS / WET N WILD Mega Last Matte Lip Cover

I recently found a website that sells these lipsticks & ships to Singapore with a reasonable shipping price. I've actually heard a lot about these lipsticks! Being an avid Youtube beauty community viewer, I heard over and over again about these lipsticks & was dying to try it. But being in Singapore, the greatest disadvantage is that you hardly get to find "Drugstore" makeup from the US because some brands are not available in Singapore. If you happen to find those makeup brands they are normally more expensive due to the shipping & currency differences etc etc.   

So recently I got really into shopping online esp on those US sites where they sell make up for only... US $1.99 (sigh) if only Singapore carried more brands that are cheap & quality :( I came across BEAUTYJOINT from watching SHAAANXO'S VIDEOS (she's one of my FAVOURITE youtubers) and went to look under lipsticks and found these lipsticks!
They have loads of colours to choose from. This is how the selection looks like:

I ordered 5 lipsticks for SGD $6 each. Each lipstick cost USD $2.75 each = roughly SGD $3.43 so that means the shipping cost of each lipstick is SGD $2.57. For it's quality and at such a low price it   really is a star buy!

These are the 5 lipsticks I bought.

From left to right:
968 Pinkerbelle
967 Dollhouse Pink
900B Pink Sugar
918D Cherry Bomb
966 Don't Blink Pink

First off packaging wise issn't so fantastic, it's a little cheap but you'll forget about it after you realise how pigmented these lipsticks are. These lipsticks are labelled MATTE but when I first applied it, there was a sheen but it becomes completely matte once you use a tissue and gently blot your lips after applying. It does have a slight tint of a waxy /crayon like smell but nothing too extreme or pungent. Here are some swatches of the colours on my lips. Pardon my really dry and cracked lips, I'm in need of a really good lip balm :/

900B Pink Sugar

It is a nude colour with a peachy base, perfect with a smokey eye! But can make you look washed out if you dont have enough colour on your face.

918D Cherry Bomb

A dark plum/wine shade. It's the perfect vampy lip shade and i love how this colour makes any make up look turn out oh so sexy! I researched about how it being a dupe of MAC's Media which looks like this:
MAC Media Lipstick Lip Swatch

The 2 colours are pretty close. These lipsticks have been known as dupes for some MAC lipsticks.

966 Don't Blink Pink

This is a beautiful hot pink colour but due to my over exposure it does not look too much like hot pink :/ This colour is perfect for the season now which is spring! Bright colours are always a plus during spring. For some reason after I apply this colour it seems to make my foundation look slightly more flawless looking, it could possibly a shade that brightens up the complexion.

967 Dollhouse Pink

This is the brightest colour out of the bunch. It's a blue tone bright pink, I'm abit hessitant to wear this out because it's simply too bright for my comfort zone :/ but I'm palnbning to apply it very lightly and apply it as more of a stain than a full on bright lip colour. Perfect lip colour if you wanna go for the Nicki Minaj look. In my opinion it could be a possile dupe for Etude House's VIP girl lipstick. I find that it looks kinda odd with my yellow-ish asian skin.

968 Pinkerbelle

This is my favourite out of the bunch! This shade is a neon pink colour that is also really bright but i just love applying a generous coat of it then blotting the colour away slowly till i like the outcome. I would say it is definitely not as intimidating as Dollhouse Pink. 

An overall swatch of the colours on my hand:

These lipsticks do last for a good amount of time, they don't dry out your lips nor did my lips become any more moisturised. I did notice that they do stain my lips a little but its common with pigmented lipsticks. As you saw, the colours do extenuate the lines on your lips but i doesn't really bother me much because it cant be seen unless someone zooms in onto your face.

I really like these lipsticks and I'm so excited to get more colours. I even got my friends into these lipsticks as well :D Beautyjoint is also pretty efficient, I haven't come across any lost mails from them. And also they arrive pretty quickly, I would say around 2-3 weeks.

Let me know if you want another post on dupes of the Wet and wild lipsticks!

And do check out SHAANXO'S VIDEO on these lipsticks as well if you need any help purchasing online.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and liked it please let me know in the comments below or if you have other shades to reccomand me, please leave a comment & I would reply me as much as I can :)

It would mean so much if you continue to stay tune for my next post! 
Lots of love,


  1. loved your post- shall go check out these lipsticks soon! do share more sites that sell such cheap and yet good makeup!:)

    1. Thanks dear! Will definitely be updating on more cheap beauty sites :D xoxo!

  2. Hi can I know what the website you buy from.

  3. Hi, i ordered from Beautyjoint too but my parcel has not arrived yet and it is already a month! How long did it take for your parcel to arrive? I'm from Sgpore too. Hope you reply. Thanks :)