Monday, 27 October 2014


Grease and more grease. Others can go a day or more without washing their hair even when it's a scorching hot day in Singapore. You're all too familiar with looking like you've taken a shower when all you did was perspire. That might just be an exaggeration but you know what I'm talking about...Whaddup my oily hair girls?! Hahaha. 

It might sound disgusting but it is a fact of life. There are oily haired people walking among us. I for one am one of them. I was "blessed" with an ever so slightly greasier scalp and it makes my hair a lot more flatter and it makes hair fall a lot more too. Without the right care it can be the nightmare to deal with :(

I hate it when it feels all greasy especially when I'm out at a party.
Batiste is my favourite when it comes to dry shampoo! They range from travel size ones to full sizes with interesting scents. I can;t wait to get my hands on the tropical scent! I do think its slightly more expensive when you buy Batiste in Singapore. I reccomand purchasing them when you're in Thailand or Hongkong for a better price! A wallet friendly alternative is the OMG brand! It costs under $3 and can be found at Mustafa along side many other dry shampoo brands.

Besides dry shampoo, shampoo is pretty important as well. I personally love shampoos that give a refreshing feel after a wash and I especially love this!

I always see myself heading for this shampoo. I love buying bath products especially shampoo and out of my 5 shampoos that I have in my bathroom, I always head for the Garnier Fructis Citirus Mint Fresh shampoo! It actually leaves my hair hydrated and fresh unlike many shampoos that contain citrus. I can feel that it washed away the oils and left my hair light at the roots which was perfect because I hate how the oils weigh down my hair.
Besides the Garnier shampoo, I like to use the Tresemme Deep Cleansing shampoo. This is slightly more dying than the Garnier one but leaves your hair with a clean feel as well. It's taking me a while to go through this bottle and I am still only almost 3/4 through. 
Both shampoos cost under $10. What a bargain!
Another oil free product,
the Osis Dust It. Some texturizing products can make your already greasy hair even more greasy. On days where I just do not want to feel like an oily mess I turn to this powder to give me texture without the additional grease. 

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Let me know what are your favourite products for an oily hair day!
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Thursday, 21 August 2014


Have you ever used a product for quite sometime and it just seems to never end?

This powder is just that product. I haven't wrote much reviews lately but I thought I'd give this powder a quick mention. This matifying powder is under the Sephora house brand so you'll prolly expect not to burn a hole in your pockets. I can't remember the exact price but it was definitely below $30 and affordable. If you'd ask me I would rather pick a compact from Sephora instead of one from Maybelline. Maybe that's just me. I'm ever so slightly biased to Sephora because it's just so much more "fun" hehe. With all the irrelevant opinions aside, this powder is definitely a great buy! Maybelline sells powders at a similar price. So those girlies out there who's looking for another wallet friendly brand other than your usual drugstore brands, do check Sephora out! I highly recommend it :-)

Aside from the price tag, this powder does live up to it's claim of matifying. I'm not too sure about the 8hr wear statement but from what I've noticed, this powder sets my foundation perfectly and doesn't leave my foundation looking cakey and thick. This powder gives good coverage which is very important for me! I like my powders with a substantial amount of coverage. The reason why I'm sold on this powder is the fact that its so lightweight and soft. Somewhat of a dream when you apply because it's so soft that it glides over your skin. It's super blendable! The only downside is that it might remind you of your granny. Haha it has that very familiar granny powder scent. Other than the scent, this powder is really ain't too bad.  I'm in the shade clair, light 15 for reference.

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Wanderlust - Langkawi Visuals

in June was amazing. Beautiful waters, first road trips, nature and all smiles. I've decided that I will dedicate my days to saving for greater adventures. Travels with friends are the little things I am thankful for. Life's been amazing so far. Cheers to more great adventures!                                                                       xoxo                                                                                                             

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Cafe Hopping in JB, Malaysia Part I: Roost Juice + Bar

Turning this space into a lifestyle etc blog seems to excite me quite a bit. Yesterday my friends and I headed across the causeway to our neighbour, Johor Bahru Malaysia for some Cafe hopping! One of my favourite things to do in Singapore, I thought I might as well venture across the border and see what Jb has to offer in the artisan/ hipster cafe department. I was definitely impressed. Here are some visuals...
I made sure I was well aware and prepared where exactly the locatioon of the cafe was. Because Jb, unlike Singapore, is much larger and not all places are of walk able distances. Upon researching on the cafes, I came a cross this very cute yet informative little guide on how to get to Jalan Dhoby where most of the cafes are located or nearby it's vicinity.

Followed the directions after exiting the exit to Jalan Wong Ah Fook at City Square.

Turn left here and.....
Do you see it?

You're at Jalan Dhoby! Its super easy to find your way around when you are there. Just walk up and down the street and you'll manage to spot Roost!

The entrance itself looks rustic with wood as its main design element. Such designs always seem to intrigue me! I came to Roost expecting to have a full and heavy meal but to my surprise they only offer coffee, salads yogurts and drinks on this side. 

Their menu is pretty mix and matchy.. You choose your choice of greens and 4 other salad ingredients. I got the mixed greens which consists of lettuce and other kind of veggies you'll find in a salad. I chose  boiled eggs, olives, shitake mushrooms & angel hair pasta with an additional topping of smoked duck breast and wasabi mayo dressing. I also got a medium iced mocha to try.

This is the menu for the other side of Roost. I believe they sell heavier meals there. I'm going back to try the food soon ^^
Once you order your food you can proceed upstairs where the dining area is.

Inspiration for those of you out there who want to be healthier eaters but find it boring.

There's two areas upstairs for you to dine. When you first walk up the flight of steep stairs, you'll see an open area where diners can enjoy their meal/coffee while they smoke. 

Once you walk pass a glass door you would notice an air conditioned area which was perfect because the sun wasn't being very nice to me while I was making my way to Roost under the hot sun :(

Really like the presentation of the salad, so neat and simple!

My fried got a similar salad and her's was a sesame dressing. The dressing was really fragrant and gave the whole salad a more "Asian" flavor.

Roost has a bookshelf full of books and magazines. So you don't have to worry about being bored at this cafe, you'll be sure to pick up a good read! I managed to pick out a street style magazine similar to Nylon magazine.

Roost serves their coffee with a side of sugar syrup so you can choose how sweet you want your coffee to be. I'm not really a fan of this concept because I just don't know how much syrup to pour into my drink haha! The whole time my iced mocha just tasted pretty bland to me.

 photo P4153996_zps962a853b.jpg

I noticed that many of the furniture in Roost are actually recycled items turned into usable furniture. Each piece of furniture looks unique and definitely quirky. Roost's furniture all seem to be individually different on their own but they come together to give this cafe a rustic feel and you will feel like you're in a cool "hipster" cafe. 

Besides the rustic, industrial and vintage decor, Roost plays really chill music which you can sip your coffe and go "ahhhhhh" while sitting on a chair made out of an old shopping cart.

The bill for the salad and the mocha. So affordable!

All in all, Roost is an interesting place to visit. I wouldn't reccomand anyone who's looking for a full on meal because the food they serve are pretty light. Roost would be perfect for a little more intimate date or just lounge, chill and talk over coffee. Not to mention prices are in RM so you're spending lesser!

Ps. Stay tune for more cafe hopping / review posts on JB cafes!

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 hope you enjoyed this post & let me know which cafes have you been loving?
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